CONTENT CREATOR — Afrostylicity

My name is Joy Nyargem, and I'm the founder of the travel and lifestyle platform known as Afrostylicity. My partner Hu and I are passionate about traversing the globe, sharing our adventures, and inspiring people to get out there and see the world. Our mission is to shift mindsets and show people that traveling is not beyond reach. Whether local, national or international, there are tons of travel opportunities to enjoy. We are here to showcase the life-changing beauty of traveling!


CONTENT CREATOR - Dallas Love List | Venus Trapped in Mars | Makeready

Sarah is a social media “nerd" with over ten years of experience creating and curating content. You can find Sarah “doing it for the ‘gram” for Makeready Experience, an independent hotel, restaurant and retail management company with hotels across the country, including the historic Adolphus Hotel in Downtown Dallas. When she’s not curating content for Makeready, Sarah is working to build her two blogs, Venus Trapped in Mars and Dallas Love List. She’s a self-proclaimed girlfriend to Pizza, lover of the Tennessee Volunteers, proud dog mama and is happily married to her instagram husband! Sarah will be sharing her pro tips during the Growing Community Engagement Performance breakout session at Texas Travel IdeaFest.


CONTENT CREATOR - Crosswalks and Cairns

Madi Scott blogs at Crosswalks & Cairns about exploring and finding adventures in the city and in the outdoors with her family. She loves showing others that they don’t need to have a lot to do a lot, and that there is fun to be had wherever you are!”


CONTENT CREATOR — Foreign Fresh & Fierce

Cindy Scaramuzza of Dallas, TX is a Fashion, Beauty and Travel blogger behind Foreign Fresh & Fierce. She is bilingual in Italian and loves to take any opportunity to travel and loves combining her colorful fashion style along with it! She began her blog in May 2016 and in November 2016 she began her "Mini Vacation Travel series" which focused on travels you can take domestically and travels within the State of Texas as well as sharing great staycation ideas in the DFW area. Her focus on travel is being able to have a great travel experience whether domestically or internationally without burning a hole in your wallet. She loves to share travel tips and hacks to make any travel experience memorable and cost effective. She has been a contributor to Tall Guides Magazine and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Who What Wearing, Travel Noire and Buzz Feed! Cindy will be sharing her tips for successful brand collaborations during the Influencer Collaboration Workshop at TXTI.



Abbie is a Digital Marketer and an Online Influencer with 20 years experience in E-Commerce, Affiliate & Online Marketing. She helps local businesses drive online sales, increase foot traffic to brick and mortar locations, engagement, customer trust & loyalty with creative marketing ideas using E-mail, Social Media and Content marketing.

Abbie Alter is the Founder of Plano Moms, a Local Media Platform including a Blog, Email Newsletter, huge Social Media presence and a community of 25,000 local Moms. 5 years ago she founded a large impactful Facebook group which was recognized as a valuable local Community by Facebook itself, and visited their HQ as their guest in February of this year.

Knowing that Social Media changes constantly she invests 10 hours a week in learning and professional development and she coaches local Businesses to use Social Media for growth every month in Allen, TX with the Local Marketing Academy.



Foodbitch is a local food writer who's been covering the DFW restaurant scene for over a decade. Her background in copywriting and marketing makes her a great partner to brands and her tell-it-like-it-is attitude makes her a great resource for all Dallasites. She'll tell you what to eat and you'll like it. Photo courtesy: @BeckleyCo


CONTENT CREATOR — Fly By the Seat of Our Pants

By day, I’m a minivan-driving, soccer mom of four. But my alter ego thrives on finding unexpected adventures. I love the challenge of the routine we live but live for the challenge of flying around the world as standby travelers. We may not always know our destination, but we know we will find beauty, inspiration, and excitement; even when we get left behind and explore our backyard. Whether close to home or half-way around the world, I share advice at kid-friendly attractions, budget-friendly ways to travel and tips for thriving as a mom on my blog, Fly By the Seat of Our Pants.


CONTENT CREATOR - Tales of Exploration

New England native navigating Texan waters - or the lack thereof. Embodied by exploration, excessive alliteration, and everything Ellen, Erica is the mind behind Tales of Exploration, a guide catering to exploring hidden corners of the mind and the world. If Tales of Exploration was a classified ad, it would read: seeking fellow adventurers looking to live life authentically.



I am Roselle, the adventure-seeking mama of In_DFW & Beyond. I like to share tips to help families in DFW find family-friendly activities, experiences, and events happening in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond so they can plan with ease and create fun, joyful, and memorable adventures. Whether you live in or just visiting in the DFW metroplex, In_DFW & Beyond is a platform where you can find kid friendly restaurant recommendations, exciting places to have FUN and travel adventures within and beyond the city limits.


CONTENT CREATOR — My Curly Adventures

I’m the content creator of My Curly Adventures, a travel brand that inspires Texans with a 9-5 to live a travel lifestyle by sharing fun trips close to home.  I started my career as a blogger while I had a 9-5. While I wanted to travel the world, I didn't have the time. So, I "traveled the world in Texas" by visiting the wine country of Fredericksburg, English gardens of Weatherford, the sand dunes of Monahans, and more all within the state. I have worked with over 50 local and international hotels and tourism boards over the past year alone to share destinations with my followers. At TXTI, I will share how content creators of all sizes can create a travel brand and work with tourism boards, hotels, and brands during The Business of Influencer Marketing plenary session.


CONTENT CREATOR — Streets, Beats and Eats

Originally from Kansas, I’ve been in DFW for 8+ years. When I moved to Dallas in 2014 (fresh out of college… Go Frogs!), I knew nothing about the city — and barely anyone to turn to for advice. I figured there had to be lots of people in similar shoes, so I started sharing my personal experiences navigating life in Dallas. No experience was too small to share: where to dine, workout, get my hair done, go on a first date, how to overcome an eating disorder, where to travel for the weekend and everything else in between — all without breaking the bank. Little did I realize that by sharing a glimpse into my day-to-day life in Dallas, I would create such an engaging community of young professionals living in Dallas, all seeking (and sharing) tips, tricks and life lessons by way of Streets, Beats and Eats. Casey has built an active and engaging online community and will share her experience on how to build engagement through authenticity, effective social media management and compelling content at the One Big Happy Family: Growing Community Engagement Performance workshop.


CONTENT CREATOR — Fortuitous Foodies

Emily Dunn, an influencer marketing expert and co-creator of Fortuitous Foodies with over nine years of experience will be attending and presenting at TXTI. During the Influencer Collaboration Workshop, she will walk you through what brands are looking for when collaborating with influencers, what makes for a high performing, successful campaign and ways to put your best self forward. In her session, Emily will share "must-haves" for your media kit and how to pitch brands like a pro!



Hi there! I’m Melissa, a DFW lifestyle and content creator. I love showcasing all types of family friendly activities, restaurants and events throughout the Dallas metroplex. In addition, I share what it’s like to be a first-time mom in the Lone Star State. Come follow my journey at @CasaJackson_.


CONTENT CREATOR — Tish Around Town

Where Wine, Food, Spirits and Travel meet! — Who is Tish Around Town? A foodie, wanderlust, and wine enthusiast! I have a passion for planning unique and interactive events and group trips centered around food, wine, and spirits.  My mission is to inspire people to expand their palate and knowledge about food by curating a memorable social experience. I want my events and trips to take people on a culinary journey while also being educated by some of the top experts in the industry.


CONTENT CREATOR — Crowson Party of Three

I’m a lifestyle, family, and travel blogger who loves creating content from my real life experiences as a mom and wife! I was born and raised in Texas, married a firefighter, and now we’re raising our family in DFW. Crowson Party of Three is a reflection of our adventures as parents including all of the places and products I enjoy.


We are sisters and best friends who love getting together to enjoy a great meal, whether we’re cooking at home, exploring new restaurants, or enjoying our tried and true favorites. We also love to travel and strongly believe experiencing new cultures and local cuisines provides a fresh perspective on life and broadens your horizons! We started Fortuitous Foodies as a way to share all of our culinary creations, restaurant reviews, travel experiences, and more with the world. We believe that food and travel is something that should be savored and shared, preferably with the ones you love! Cheers from Emily and Barbie!


CONTENT CREATOR — Where With Alicia

I believe you can find adventure anywhere! I focus my energy on finding experiences near and far, whether that means trying new things on travels or becoming a tourist in my own hometown of Dallas. Life is what you make it. I love being outdoors and hiking. My appreciation of nature means I’m also on a simple living journey of trying to take better care of our environment. Besides loving to thrift and secondhand shop, I’m also working toward a zero waste lifestyle.


CONTENT CREATOR — What's Going on Dallas

Hey y’all, my name is Tracy Howe, creator of What’s going on DALLAS, a lifestyle blog exploring the Dallas-Fort Worth area events, festivals and eateries.  Watch as my family and I fill up our weekends with food, laughter, adventure and random travels. When I am not working my social media sites, I am a freelance writer and photographer. Contributing content to Discover Farmers Branch, The Cottonwood Art Festival and The Plano Balloon Festival. Blog: Instagram: @whatsgoingondallas Twitter: @dallas_whats


CONTENT CREATOR — Forever Green Mom

Born and raised in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Kim is Mom to her grandson since his birth in 2009. She’s determined to stay healthy, be kind to the earth, and have fun doing it by traveling and finding new adventures for her and her son! Kim shares wellness tips and the importance of being true to one’s self, and to get out and enjoy nature. Her favorite outdoor adventures include horseback riding, zip-lining, hiking on nature trails, and nature itself. She loves to travel solo, with her son, and she loves to talk about multigenerational travel that includes her mother. Whether they fly or road trip, Kim and her family are ready to go! Find her an open road, and she’s there!


CONTENT CREATOR — Sassy Teacher Chic

Jennifer of @SassyTeacherChic is a Fort Worth, Texas native who began blogging in 2016. As a wife, mother, and teacher, she enjoys sharing chic everyday fashion, DFW lifestyle, and family travel tips. Due to her work she's been awarded Fort Worth Teaching Chair of Excellence and featured in Fort Worth Magazine, Voyage Dallas, Travel Host and Bearpaw Style.


CONTENT CREATOR — Traveling With Cute Luggage

I'm Kelley Woods, content creator of Traveling With Cute Luggage, and I help single parents travel with their kids. I created Traveling With Cute Luggage to influence single parents that they can travel with their kids, we work hard enough to do so. From staycations to booking affordable airfare, I share it. I started sharing our travel experiences, my single parenthood life, and this never-ending learning journey in late 2016. I use travel and my creativity to overcome my everyday adversities, and to show my kids, there is so much more to explore. Follow our journey, @travelingwithcuteluggage.


CONTENT CREATOR — Fashionably Late Boy Mom

Established in 2018, and has been growing ever since, Fashionablylateboymom's content revolves around fashion, food and the newest fitness trends and travel adventures with her family. Hometown: Frisco, Texas. Follow along at



I'm the content creator for Snippykit, a family travel and lifestyle blog that inspires women to make fun, last memories with their families.  I believe you can have as much fun in your own city as you can on vacation.  I love to share things to do, experiences, and events in the San Antonio area.  Snippykit is also the place to find family traveling tips, vacation destination cheat sheets, and more so you can plan the next family vacation with ease.


CONTENT CREATOR — Molly on the Move

Molly is a lifestyle and travel blogger located in Dallas, TX. She is passionate about encouraging others to find adventure everyday through positivity and color. Her passions include travel, long runs and trying out the newest restaurants in town. In her spare time when she’s not running her blog, she can most likely be found reading in a hammock by the lake or searching for the next best recipe at Trader Joe’s.



Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa. I am a blogger who is passionate about traveling and living my best life while staying on budget. I want to share my experiences with others and show them that they too can travel and have fun without breaking the bank. I love finding great deals and I want to share those with my audience.  I am relatively new to blogging and I look forward to learning a lot at TXTI.


CONTENT CREATOR — Bucket List Publications

My name is Lesley Carter and I'm the owner of Bucket List Publications. I traveled to more than 100 countries and brought my seven year old daughter along to more than 65. I participated in some of the greatest adventures in the world like skydiving, piloting a fighter jet, diving with great white sharks, and sailing to Antarctica on a tall ship. I consciously chose Frisco, Texas as my home and I'm now taking the time to discover the best of Texas. I believe that the more unrealistic we are with our dreams and goals the more we are able to achieve.


CONTENT CREATOR — Glitz & Grits Glitz: The people, places, stories and things that make up my South. Grits: The food. Y'all remember to always take the sweet tea.


CONTENT CREATOR — Mejorando mi Hogar

Brenda is a passionate content creator and founder of lifestyle blog Mejorando mi Hogar and local page Dallas Movies and Fun. She lives in the Dallas area with her husband and their three bi-cultural kids ranging from 12-20 years old and their furry friend, Lex. Brenda started blogging in 2009 to connect with the Latino community, encouraging them to enjoy life traveling and spending quality time with their families. She loves road trips, exploring, making family memories and sharing her travel adventures.



Chastity Beene, creator behind A Cowboy’s Life, is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on cooking easy recipes, family friendly local events, travel destinations, and outdoor adventures. She enjoys inspiring others to find joy in the everyday!


CONTENT CREATOR — Redneck Rhapsody

Hey y’all, it’s Trina — Redneck Rhapsody – Where living is a state of mind. I just want to say thank you for taking a look at what’s up. I live in small town AR with my 2 men (with skin) & 2  boys (with fur). I LOVE to travel and share about my journey's. When I’m not doing that, I’m doing shab rehab, breaking, baking or candle making. Well, welcome to Redneck Rhapsody, grab a glass of tea or wine. Let’s take a little time to sit a spell & spend some serendipitous moments. Hope hanging out here will give you a break / push / pull or giggle to get you through till the next time.


CONTENT CREATOR — Our Sweet Adventures

My name is Christina and I am the owner and writer of Our Sweet Adventures – a travel couple blog where I talk about all the delicious desserts we eat and all the beautiful places we go! I am from Dallas, Texas and a graduate of Texas A&M University – WHOOP! After I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2013, I went to work in the fast-paced hospitality world – Viva Las Vegas! From there, I worked at the Four Seasons in Dallas, opened MGM National Harbor near Washington D.C, and became a pastry sous chef. Along the way, I traveled when I was not working and before I knew it, traveling and finding foodie destinations became a big part of my life, so in 2016 I started Our Sweet Adventures. Then in February 2019, I retired as a pastry sous chef and started to travel blog full-time. On Our Sweet Adventures, you will find inspiration on traveling as a couple, to travel to new destinations, to take local weekend getaways, to enjoy luxury trips without breaking your wallet, city guides and more. Since 2013 we have been to 4 different continents and 15 countries eating our way through different cuisines and experiencing new adventures. It has been an incredible journey and I am very excited to have for more people to follow along “Our Sweet Adventures”.


CONTENT CREATOR — The Jet Set Blonde

Hi, my name is Brittany Ryan, but you can call me B, and I'm a proud native Texan from Dallas. I've traveled both domestically and internationally for work and pleasure for over a decade across North America, Europe, and Asia. Travel has opened up my world to new cultures and new perspectives - I want others to push out of their comfort-zones and experience the amazing people and places that I've have come to know and love.
My mission is to help empower other busy female Millennials to make the most of their tight travel timelines by planning authentic, cultural experiences, even if it's just a quick 24- or 48-hour trip. The Jet Set Blonde covers short-term travel itineraries, travel tips, and cultural experience recommendations and reviews.
My ideal travel day includes a guided day tour of the destination I'm in (bonus points if there's a castle or botanical garden to explore,) followed by a delicious culinary experience, accompanied by some fine wine and a scenic viewpoint. When not jet setting around the world, I can be found managing the global marketing strategy for my full-time job, planning my wedding with the love of my life, and renovating my newly purchased ranch-style house in the DFW metroplex.



BonBon Montero is a world traveler who has been to almost 50 countries. And, her story starts with the love of writing and traveling. Bon-Bon Voyage is a Travel and Lifestyle blog with pure intention of inspiring readers to get out of their comfort zone, to travel more - near or far - and make the most of what life has to offer. Founded in 2015, BonBon wanted to share her passion for travel. She is a travel advisor and a mom of 2 beautiful kids and therefore has many insightful tips to share with her readers. The content on the blog is about her experiences with the family (her husband and 2 kids) when they travel the world or even when they are on an adventure right around their hometown of Plano, TX. Her mantra is "Travel. Learn. Evolve."



We're Tyler (Ty) and Ali — partners in life, love and everything in between. We are free spirited, fun loving individuals striving to connect with those around us and do our part to leave the world a better place than we found it. While we are still in the beginning stages of creating our brand, we have BIG plans to take the social media world by storm in the coming year. Currently living as slaves to the grind of the 9-5 lifestyle, we will be giving our jobs the boot this time next year and hightailing it to New Zealand for a year of travels and adventure! Whilst away, it is our dream is to build a brand that highlights environmentalism and humanitarianism through the eyes of world wanderers. We are incredibly excited to take part in Texas Travel IdeaFest and beyond thrilled for what lies ahead!


CONTENT CREATOR — The Happy Mustard Seed

Hi, we are Rick, Karla, Isabella, and Ricky. We work together passionately as a family to provide travel ideas, guides, tours and attractions in cities in the great state of Texas. The locations we travel to on those short overnight trips reflect our values of traveling via road trips close to home (up to 4 hours away) two times per month minimum. With roots in Waco Texas dating back to the 1890’s Karla is serious about sharing the history and legacy of Texas and Travel within the community. Karla started her blogging career teaching moms how to get into the digital marketing and blogging business in 2009 and has been teaching ever since. Rick and Karla have been traveling together monthly for over 20 years and have now turned their passion into a family passion that they can share with their online community. Karla and her family work together as a team at The Happy Mustard Seed to show that family travel is possible every single month. While focusing on overnight trips for travel, they also make sure to include things to do, where to eat, and where to stay in the area for families with middle schoolers and teens which can oftentimes be a challenge for families.


CONTENT CREATOR — Trace Face Travels

World traveler who loves to share experiences of living overseas and visiting other countries around the world. Content creator of Trace Face Travels sharing my experiences with travel. Born in Texas, but lived most of my life overseas. Traveling has always been a part of my life since I was young. Making the most out of experiences wherever one may be.



Mandy is a marketing leader with a love for travel, books, and wine. You can catch her wandering around small towns, drinking at vineyards or hiking up mountains. At, she writes about what to do, where to eat, and what to skip at her favorite destinations around the world. When she isn’t out exploring, Mandy helps businesses create multi-channel marketing strategies. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and dog. Follow our adventures on Instagram and Twitter.


CONTENT CREATOR — Mi Vida en Dallas

Hi! My name is I'm Maribel Quiroz and I've always loved makeup and with that said I started creating content about products and also makeup tutorials on my account @makeupby_marybell, but as a mom of a 7 year old I am always looking for family friendly activities, events, places, restaurants,etc. to enjoy with my son and family. That is when I created @MiVidaEnDallas — to share all the fun things we can do here in DFW!