Face it. Another talking head luncheon speaker is not going to get it done with a group that’s all about creative engagement and story-telling. Our sponsor VISIT FRISCO is all about engaging storytelling, and decided to make this lunch all about you…and your stories.

We’re going to give ten attendees a chance to pitch stories about their content, their brand or their destination in two minutes. All pitchmasters will walk away with something cool, but the real prize is the spotlight you’ll have on your content and your story.


This is your chance to show YOUR content…and what makes your brand (personal or corporate) remarkable. Complete and submit the simple form below to apply for one of the 10 pitchmaster slots available. From applicants, VisitDFW and Visit Frisco will select 5 Content Creators and 5 Destination/Brand representatives to step on stage and do their thing. All pitchmasters and a brief summary of what they’re going to talk about will be featured in the participating pitchmasters section below. Selected pitchmasters will have two minutes to take the stage and deliver an inspiring, educational and most definitely entertaining “pitch” to the audience.

Here’s some further content guidance:

  • Content creators: Tell us how your creative magic or unique voice brought a story to life.
  • Tourism marketers/brands: Tell us something unique and remarkable that your destination/brand does better than anyone else OR that is a jaw-dropping “hidden gem”.


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    BRIEFLY tell us what you would like to share about your brand and what makes it unique and remarkable. Feel free to include any links to articles that shows us what you're all about for our content creator and tourism marketer attendees. If confirmed, you will receive a separate confirmation email from us which will include a request for a BRIEF pitch outline and BIO/PIC for inclusion on the website. WE WANT TO MAKE YOU FAMOUS!



    CONTENT CREATOR — Afrostylicity

    My name is Joy Nyargem, and I'm the founder of the travel and lifestyle platform known as Afrostylicity. My partner Hu and I are passionate about traversing the globe, sharing our adventures, and inspiring people to get out there and see the world. Our mission is to shift mindsets and show people that traveling is not beyond reach. Whether local, national or international, there are tons of travel opportunities to enjoy. We are here to showcase the life-changing beauty of traveling!



    The Texas Lakes Trail Region is one of the ten heritage trail regions that cover the state. This program is part of the texas historical commission's heritage tourism division. Don't let our name fool you, we aren't about lakes, there are just a lot of them in our region! Our focus is North Central Texas' cultural and historic sites and themes that run through it. We weave stories together that connect communites both urban and rural. This provides a more complete understanding of what makes this area unique. A few of the themes include: Quanah Parker, Texas Crochet, the Vaquero, the Chisholm Trail, the Shawnee Trail, the Tom Lea Trail, and the Bankhead Highway. We promote exceptional sites that are often missed by to the casual traveler. The Texas Lakes Trail region is a great source of information for those looking for an undertold story. The heritage of Texas is anything but boring, and it can be found if you know where to look. The Texas Lakes Trail is designed to bring the real stories of Texas to life, and I'm here as a resource to bring these stories to you!


    CONTENT CREATOR — Fly By the Seat of Our Pants

    By day, I’m a minivan-driving, soccer mom of four. But my alter ego thrives on finding unexpected adventures. I love the challenge of the routine we live but live for the challenge of flying around the world as standby travelers. We may not always know our destination, but we know we will find beauty, inspiration, and excitement; even when we get left behind and explore our backyard. Whether close to home or half-way around the world, I share advice at kid-friendly attractions, budget-friendly ways to travel and tips for thriving as a mom on my blog, Fly By the Seat of Our Pants.


    CONTENT CREATOR — Tish Around Town

    Where Wine, Food, Spirits and Travel meet! — Who is Tish Around Town? A foodie, wanderlust, and wine enthusiast! I have a passion for planning unique and interactive events and group trips centered around food, wine, and spirits.  My mission is to inspire people to expand their palate and knowledge about food by curating a memorable social experience. I want my events and trips to take people on a culinary journey while also being educated by some of the top experts in the industry.


    FOUNDER — Here & Now Travel

    You love the freedom of solo travel, but hate the loneliness. You love the companionship in traveling with friends, but hate planning around everyone's schedules. We're Here & Now, a group travel company providing young professionals with adventurous, international, group trips. Travelers no longer have to compromise their freedom to go when they want and where they want, or wait on their friends to plan. Through our company, travelers get to meet cool, new people, explore amazing destinations, and never worry about any of the planning, allowing them to fully experience their trip in the Here & Now.



    I am Roselle, the adventure-seeking mama of In_DFW & Beyond. I like to share tips to help families in DFW find family-friendly activities, experiences, and events happening in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond so they can plan with ease and create fun, joyful, and memorable adventures. Whether you live in or just visiting in the DFW metroplex, In_DFW & Beyond is a platform where you can find kid friendly restaurant recommendations, exciting places to have FUN and travel adventures within and beyond the city limits.


    GEORGETOWN - Breakaway Public Relations

    Learn more about the home of “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas” in historic Georgetown, just 25 miles north of Austin. An easy drive from the state’s major metro markets, Georgetown offers something for everyone, from a vibrant arts scene, great dining and watering holes, an award-winning park system and Lake Georgetown to more than 40 retailers in the town square, the historic Palace theater and more. A visit to the state’s Red Poppy Capital is a treat any time of the year and especially magical during the holidays when the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas transforms into a Christmas card come to life. https://visit.georgetown.org 


    CONTENT CREATOR - Crosswalks and Cairns

    Madi Scott blogs at Crosswalks & Cairns about exploring and finding adventures in the city and in the outdoors with her family. She loves showing others that they don’t need to have a lot to do a lot, and that there is fun to be had wherever you are!”


    TOURISM MARKETER — Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau

    I’m the Marketing Manager for the Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau. I love Laredo and all things Texas. I enjoy showcasing my hometown and all that border life has to offer. As the LCVB Marketing Manager I oversee both US and MX tourism campaigns, our social media channels and special promotions. We are currently going thru a re-branding process and we recently hosted our first influencer which was an amazing experience for all and we look forward to continue making connections with other influencers. When I take off my LCVB hat you can find me at a local Crossfit gym or on an adventure with friends to find the coldest Lone Star and yummiest tacos in town. Life is all about balance!


    TOURISM MARKETER — Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel

    Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel redefines cosmopolitan luxury with every visit. Set in the upscale complex of Legacy West in Plano, TX, our chic, stylish hotel is within walking distance to the top dining + shopping options. Feel the warmth of our modern decor, merging Asian +Texan influences to create a unique West of Zen ambience. Welcome to a different kind of destination.